Welcome to the Borderlands (2)

Tonight, we dine, IN SANCTUARY

This section of night started off without our normal main fourth guy. He was having some computer troubles so we had decided to start a new campaign with a different fourth for when the main fourth goes off to depot. So we started out back in Liars Berg and helping CL4P-TP blah blah blah.

After our main fourth finally got his PC up and running, our first main task was conquering Wilhelm. If you’ve ever played Borderlands 2, you’re probably aware that this fight can go either excruciatingly bad, or a cake walk. Tonight we were blessed to have the latter. Our team comp is; Mechromancer, Assassin, Gunzerker, and the Siren. After taking down Wilhelm and getting back to Sanctuary, it got teleported away. We ended up being able to crush the “Defend the Beacon” mission overlook with little to no effort. Everyone has been carrying their own weight.

The night ended abruptly when the main fourth’s PC restarted on him. But what can you do about that? Let me know in the comments down below if your buddies have ever gotten stuck with PC issues, and maybe the hilarity that ensued for you and your other gamer friends.

Until Next Time!

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