Stream Highlights 3/16/19

Last night was one of our better nights of Rocket League for better AND for worse. We met a Reddit celebrity, but also we had a TRASH run of games.

The night started off with a feisty round of Snow Day. Dylan put on a show and carried Trav and I to a victory. It was a free carry to bring me one step closer to Diamond One. Finally.

Throughout the rest of the night, there was a tilting amount of Rumble and Snow Day debauchery, enough to make the sweetest of players salty. BEYOND SALTY. You know the kind of games where the other team gets 3 plungers simultaneously? But you only get the blow up fist? That is exactly what happened to us last night. We triumphed a couple times but otherwise it was a wash.

In our last game of the night though, we met Shitty Water Colour in the wild. We didn’t talk to him or anything, but we put up a good game where our “perceived” worst player, put us in his backpack and carried us through the game. Dude put on a performance for an internet celeb. All in all fun night, hopefully as we move up the ranks we run into more recognizable names!

Let me know down below if you’ve ever encountered any internet celebrities either in-game or real life! Here’s some Shitty Water Colour samples.

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