Sea Of Thieves Anniversary Update Coming

Sea of Thieves just turned 1 year old! Congrats RARE, on turning an empty “no content, make fun for yourself” game, into a fully fledged game! /s I love Sea Of Thieves, I just often don’t have anyone to play it with. However with this new update I will be reinstalling and diving headlong into the great beyond once more.

It seems as though as in the trailer, we will hopefully be getting; real quests, a new battle arena for ships, and some new activities! Hunting and fishing will be a real hoot I’m sure. Or, they may just be a relaxing alternative to the 2 newer modes that are stated above. We have absolutely no idea what that harpoons about, maybe a new ship, or maybe you could be adding it to whatever ship you and your friends use for a fee.

As always, this content will be free for Sea Of Thieves, and the update will be coming out on April 30th. Happy Sea Hunting! You can probably catch the guys and I streaming it when it drops, a la Stream Highlights

Let me know down below if you or your friends enjoy Sea Of Thieves and your best story from it!

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