Dragon Ball Z

The battle for supremacy.

This story is a tale of my only near triumph experience against my long-time game rival. I’ll set the stage. It’s 2005, a bright sunny day when most kids would be outside. Not us. We are inside trying to kill each other as spiky haired energy throwers who can change form. Ever since the perspective changed from side to side, to behind the back, he had DOMINATED me. Absolutely dominated. But this one particular Saturday afternoon, I almost did it.

In Tenkaichi 3 you could pick up to five characters to do battle with. So we pitted his best five against mine. If I recall correctly, his team was; SS4 Gogeta, Bardock, Cooler, Trunks, and the last one escapes me. My team was; Goku SS1 (Fav transformation), Ultimate Gohan, SS2 Gogeta, Teen Gohan, and Vegito.

This fight truly came down to the wire. Normally when we’d do a 5v5, he’d have probably 3 characters left and I’d have none. I do believe one time he 1v5’ed me. It was embarrassing. I don’t know what was said, probably something about my mom, but I just turned it on. I don’t even remember the fight truly well aside from everything that I was doing just clicking and landing each blow. The fight went back and forth and we traded one character each, until the final characters.

Ultimate Gohan vs SS4 Gogeta. Book it. Our best character each, it felt like it was something out of a movie. We exchanged combos, back and forth, back and forth. For every Kamehameha I sent, he’d send back a Big Bang Kamehameha. It came down to a point where we had crashed into each other, but he landed the last combo. It was heartbreaking and I vowed that I’d never play again. I think I’ve stood by that. I haven’t played a Dragon Ball Z game since.

Let me know down below, do you have any stories in fighting games with your buddies? Particularly any rage inducing stories, that made you feel so defeated you retired altogether.

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