Devil May Cry 5 Review: Devil’s Never Cry *Spoiler Free*

While we haven’t seen a true Capcom released Devil May Cry game since Devil May Cry 4 in 2008 (excluding the DMC4: Special Edition released in 2015), Devil May Cry 5 comes in strong and is sure to pull your Devil Trigger.

Following the event’s of Devil May Cry 4, we find out that Dante, Nero and the Mysterious new character named V have set out on a quest to bring down the nefarious usurper Urizen. Not much is explained at the beginning of the game. The game kicks off with a cut scene of the broker Morrison and civilians of Red Grave City standing at base level with the demon tree known as the Qliphoth. The cutscene quickly transfers over to seeing the 3 antagonists of the game inside the Qliphoth preparing to fight Urizen.

The first level of the game introduces players of the game to the new Devil Breaker system with Nero. There are many Devil Bringers throughout the game, starting you out with the Overture, a first prototype of of the Devil Bringer made out of blitz which emits electric shockwaves in the form of an extended hand. Once learning how to play as Nero and how to use the new Devil Breaker, we are then tasked to take down Urizen, a boss fight in which you are meant to lose.

With the opening of the game explained, I plan to keep this as spoiler free as possible, so here we go! While playing Devil May Cry 5 you will notice that the combat as Dante is equally the same as previous iterations of the series. With Dante, you are able to change between the already provided guns and swords, you do unlock more swords and guns after specific Dante missions.

Meanwhile we have Nero, who plays identical to how he did in Devil May Cry 4 using the Red Queen, which is a sword with the ability to be revved up (personally I refer to this as a type of “engine blade”, and his iconic gun known as the Blue Rose. This time we do not have the Devil Bringer, but the Devil Breaker. Each Devil Breaker has specific functions as mentioned above with the Overture which uses the power of electricity. I recall the only other 2 using during my first time gameplay using rockets, or sonic waves.

Lastly we have the mysteriously gothic V. V’s fighting Mechanics are completely different to what we have ever seen to a Devil May Cry game within the series. V does not use the power of a sword or a gun, but has what is known as “Familiars”. First we have Shadow, who is a 4 legged beast which transforms himself into needles, blades and the works to attack summons. Shadow is essentially your melee attack. We then have Griffon, who specializes in thunder attacks that attack at long range. Griffon can also lift V and act as a “2nd jump” but also glides for a short period of time. With V, you will be tasked to attack the demons with both Shadow and Griffon, and once the maximum amount of damage has been done to the enemy, you then lock on and attack with the Cane, which is used to finish off the dying enemies.

While in the story of Devil May Cry 5, we find ourselves jumping through time lapses of past and present, the story flows especially clean and we are not lost at any given tow. The boss fights we will notice at least one of a past Devil May Cry game, but the other bosses within the game are all new to the series and provide a challenge to the player.

Game play wise I had very little complaints, the on screen tutorial’s did make sure to explain each impact of game play and mechanic of the individual characters making players of past and present at ease when being presented with each playable protagonist.

We are presented with the DMC special upgrade system through red orbs. This provides different moves per weapon/familiar to allow for a quicker and easier Smokin’ Sexy Style!! (Seen as SSS on screen), but this also provides variety during the battles within the game you will experience, keeping each battle from being dry and boring. What also adds to this, is the fact that each character is provided with a specific battle theme, which is dynamic and will add bits and pieces of each song increasing the beat, lyrical performance and even dive into the chorus of their respective themes.

While to me, Devil May Cry 5 was Capcom’s true form of the series. I can not provide a perfect score to this game. My Reasoning for this is because yes, although stated that there is upgrades through the Red Orb collecting system (minus gaining the upgrade later on which provides an increased number of red orb drops per characters , I feel you didn’t collect those at a fast enough pace to end up placing an end to the games battles repetitions. The story is probably the best we have seen since Devil May Cry 3, and does show that Capcom does still have a few more tricks up their devilish sleeves.

This game pulls 4 Devil Triggers, out of 5.


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