D&D Night 3/15/19

Welcome back,

Have you ever wanted to be an action hero in a fantasy universe, but WITH APE FEET?! Well look no further than my Monk, Bankei the Supreme, from fifth edition D&D. He’s mean, he’s 7’1″ and last but not least, he’s a Wood Elf. I’d post my character sheet but man, it does not reflect well on me.

This is essentially how my monk would act.

We started off the evening in a dreary wet forest trying to get to a winery. I (in character) asked if it had been raining before the DM could give us a description of the area. The DM then proceeded to tell us the ground was wet and that it HAD in fact; rained. I’m not as dumb as I look. We then caught a glimpse of an old man in a cloak just in the distance beyond the winery. As it turns out, his family owned it. It had been overrun by druids. We traveled inside as we were chased by some twig monsters. After barricading the door behind us to keep the monsters out, we proceeded into the winery taking out a couple of druids as we went. 2 of us ( I won’t say who) were downed during our last encounter of the evening, mostly for poor decisions about where to stand. Overall, the night was pretty successful and we probably would have finished the winery if we had just started a little sooner.

That’s, essentially, a rough summary of what we accomplished in 2 hours of playing D&D casually. Some of the jokes are in-jokes so I won’t be posting exact situations here as I get into this, but hopefully, we can all create some in-jokes together!

Catch you next time!


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