D&D 3/16/19

Tonight, I was the DM. The players delved deep into the second floor of the Mad Mage’s mountain.

After a harrowing encounter last time I DM’ed, the adventurers opted to travel down the rabbit hole south to try and find the exit. They encountered a zombie beholder at the first turn who almost disintegrated the headstrong barbarian. The OP cleric, however, carried the group through a near-death experience as the lock threw lots of Eldritch Blasts to no avail. After the Beholder Zombie encounter, they released a group of adventurers that were unable to sneak by the monster. They then proceeded through a brewery where there was a completely missed puzzle. Probably for the best though, they would have gotten eaten by green slime. After wandering through the room with all the ale vats and taking out another beholder, they fell for a trap covered hallway. Which the barbarian fell down twice, and then the cleric as well. The barrels were wide enough if they wanted to roll on top to avoid the pits, however, no one had realized as such. The night ended off with a trip back up to the goblin marketplace for a good extended rest.

All in all, a good night of adventuring for a group of slightly above powered explorers.

Until next time, WEBSITE JOURNAL. Stay frosty.

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