Are the Goku variants to much?: Kid Goku (GT) next fighter for Dragon Ball FighterZ

It was recently announced that the next DLC fighter to make entry into the Marvel vs Capcom esque Dragon Ball fighting game will in fact be Kid Goku from the Dragon Ball GT story arc.

While fans of the game are getting fed up with the variants of Goku within the game, some are actually quite excited for Kid Goku to enter the battle.

Dragon Ball FighterZ began with already 3 variants of Goku, this includes Super Sayain Goku, Super Sayain God Super Sayain Goku, and Goku Black. While fans of the series did not see many issues with those 3 being there, as technically Goku Black played as his own character with moves the Goku we know and love does not have access to nor would he ever, they began adding even further variants of Goku, such as Base Goku as DLC. If we want to count fusions as “variants” of Goku, we have Super Sayain God Super Sayain Vegito, and the already announced Super Sayain God Super Sayain Gogeta that was featured from the Dragon Ball Super: Broly film which will be making its way to the game later this year, this packs a grand total of 7 variants of Goku within the game.

Players biggest issue, and my biggest issue as well is the fact that we are getting these variants of Goku within the game, where we could be seeing other characters such as Zarbon, Super Buu, Kale and many others. In my personal opinion, the easiest way to fix the “Goku” debacle in Dragon ball FighterZ would be to update the game, and when selecting the color of lets say Base Goku, this could lead into Super Sayain Goku, or Super Sayain God Super Sayain Goku being colors 2 and 3, but gives them their respective move set. This would free up 2 character slots on the character select screen and I am sure it would be something that would appease fans of the series and the game itself.

Screenshots have been released of Kid Goku (GT) in action however, and the moveset does vary from the previous forms of Goku that we have seen before. Kid Goku does have access to his Dragon Ball prominent Power Pole (Note this wasn’t as prominent in GT) which launches the character in for attacks and long ranged hits. Kid Goku also has access to his reverse Kamehameha which is being shown as a sort of dash or maneuver attack. We were also presented with a screen showing his special attack, the Super Kamehameha which turns Goku into Super Sayain 3 when two or less members remain in the party. The last set of screenshots we have is showing off his meteor attack which appears to be the Super Spirit Bomb. This move appears to make Kid Goku unable to being attacked while racing to the skies to get into the launch animation before delivering the devistating attack.

So there you have it folks. Kid Goku from Dragon Ball GT will be the next DLC character to enter the cast of characters within Dragon Ball FighterZ.

What are your thought’s and opinions on this new form of Goku being added to the game?

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