Ancient Steam Layout Being Changed.


As most of you know, GDC was this week. What kind of game conference would it be without a proverbial juggernaut that is Valve? They announced that the Steam App would be receiving a facelift.

New Steam App

The new Steam library will have its own little section dedicated to game updates and events, much like you see in the friend section of discord or the harder to find “updated” section in the Steam app. You will also be able to follow along with what your friends are doing, a la Xbox, PS4, and now Discord as well. Just a little snippet of what your pals are up to.

This is what a new Steam game page will look. Note the nifty new library on the left.


Also in the pipeline, is an event system. Devs will be able to let players know of an event happening within their game, and players who are interested can sign up to be notified about the said event happening. I’ll never ever miss a Rocket League Championship Series match ever again. This will all be held together by a main events home page.

This is the events page

Valved stated that they will be giving developers traffic measuring tools to see how many are people showing up to the events that they schedule. This will help game companies keep an eye on their player count. No one wants to pull an H1Z1.

There isn’t an exact release date at the time of writing, they’re apparently in closed beta right now which is good to hear.

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Let us know what you think about Valves new layout for Steam. Are you concerned? Are you open to the idea? Show your work down below!

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